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09/19/03 : Have updated movies and music recently, it might be worth checking out. Also, you may notice 2 banners above this
table. Yeah, I know I said I wouldn't run advertisements, and they aren't..exactly. I am getting no money from any banner. The only reason they're on the site is because I use and endorse them and I want other people to know about them.

08/06/03 : Major updates in the music section, by the way if you are in the Sacramento area and you have the new COUNCIL
CD, please email me, I need a copy!
07/30/03 : Site is being updated more than you might think if you only watch this page. Check movies and music, both heavily updated in the last few days.
07/10/03 : Yesterday was Ozzfest 2003 in Sacramento. There used to be pictures here but they were deleted.
07/01/03 : Added review/pictures for Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines to the movie section.

05/18/03 : Added a review for Matrix Reloaded to the movie section. The reason I mention it on the main page is that I'm adding a new feature, bonus movie posters. For movies that release several posters, I'll add an additional gallery page with fullsize shots of all the posters. Which brings me to my next point - if you're reading this -- POST ON THE FORUM -- if you don't, I'll come to your house and kill you. You can register if you want, but I don't require it, so don't be a lazy jackass. Post early, post often.

04/28/03 : The forum is back up. Don't know why the hell it was down in the first place, other than my host just blows.

04/17/03 : Added a LOT of art to the music section, including cover art for the new Metallica disc, St. Anger.
Also added pictures from the last regular season Kings game against their first round playoffs opponent, the Utah Jazz.

04/14/03 : Keep an eye on the music section, I am going to start adding the shit I know you really want, full-size art and mp3s! Godsmack's "Faceless" so far is the only one with art, check it out. Others will be added later.
03/24/03 : MAJOR updates today. I scaled back the updates table (Isnt it much nicer?) and added a new server which allows me to relaunch the movies section (yay) and also a downloads section, which isn't very big yet, but will be when I get a chance. I will also be adding some mp3s and samples to the music section as soon as I can.
03/23/03 : Added Atreyu's old indie disc "Fractures in the Facade of your Porcelaine Beauty" to the music section.
03/20/03 : Went to the Kings/Lakers game tonight, look for some pictures tomorrow when I have time. In the meantime, a HUGE update! I finally installed a bulletin board/forum. Click the FORUM button above and post away!! On a related note, there will not be as many updates on this page in the future, as announcements will be posted on that board.
02/16/03 : Attended the Kings/Spurs game tonight, which also happened to be Oscar Robertson day at Arco Arena. The Kings wore the old Royals Jerseys and honored "The Big O" at halftime.
01/18/03 : After countless hours, I finally have all 3 Shadows Fall discs up in the music section, as well as Atreyu's newest disc. Stay tuned for some of Atreyu's older shit, as soon as I can get my hands on it!
Side note: I searched everywhere and could not find ANYWHERE that had lyrics posted for Shadows Fall's first CD called "Somber Eyes to the Sky", so as far as I know, I'm the only one with posted lyrics..and they're 100% verified correct! Have fun!
01/12/03 : Happy new year! (A little late) When I was down in San Diego for New Years Eve, I picked up the new Shadows Fall CD, "The Art Of Balance". WOW. Check this CD out immediately! I just added lyrics for it in the music section!
(Remainder of Metallica discs still on the way in next few days, as well as the other 2 Shadows Fall discs)
12/22/02 : I'm in the process of adding all lyrics for Metallica's catalog. I have the "Old Metallica" Discs done now and should have the "New Metallica" discs soon.
12/04/02 : Added "Analyze That" to movies. If anyone has passes to the premiere of "Gangs Of New York" please email me, I was not able to get any.
11/28/02 : Happy Turkey Day .... Added lyrics to System of A Down's new CD, "Steal This Album".
11/27/02 : Added "Solaris" and "Eight Crazy Nights" to movies.
11/22/02 : Added "Friday After Next" and "Die Another Day" to movies.
11/13/02 : Added "Femme Fatale", "8 Mile", and "Star Wars Episode II: IMAX" to movies section.
10/24/02 : Added "Ghost Ship" and "Jackass" to movies section.
10/16/02 : Added doubleDrive's "1000 Yard Stare" to music section. This one comes highly recommenced.
Also added "Abandon" to movies section.
10/08/02 : Added Review for "Red Dragon" and fixed lyrics for Otep's "Sevas Tra".
09/30/02 : Finally got review of "Sweet Home Alabama" up.
09/28/02 : The new "Old Movie Archive" page is finally up, go check it out. It contains every movie review I've ever done. Also, I have it confirmed I will be at the screening for "Red Dragon" so keep your eyes peeled for that.
09/22/02 : Added movie reviews for "Swimfan", "City By The Sea", "The Transporter", and "Trapped".
09/17/02 : Added complete lyrics for Disturbed's new CD "Believe", in stores today!
09/02/02 : Heavy updates today. Added entire System Of A Down catalogue to the music section including lyrics for every single song they've ever released, including all the rare tracks. This is one of the few places to have this for you online, check it out!
Also added a teaser for Disturbed's new album "Believe". I recommend you preorder it immediately.
08/31/02 : Added "One Hour Photo" to movies section. Trippy, strange movie. I suggest you check it out, in Sacramento it's playing at the Crest Theatre downtown. Coming to movie section next week: "Swimfan" and "City By The Sea"
08/23/02 : Added "The Good Girl" to movies section. Very good movie, trailers don't do it justice. Please check it out, you won't be sorry. Also added "Serving Sara".
08/15/02 : Added "The Adventures Of Pluto Nash" and an explanation of why "XXX" never materialized to the movie section.
08/07/02 : Added "Spy Kids 2" and "Blood Work" to movies section.
08/01/02 : Added "Signs" and "Master Of Disguise" to movie section.
07/24/02 : Added "Austin Powers in Goldmember" to movies.
07/23/02 : OK Step one is complete. I'm restructuring the site to make it easier to browse through and not waste so much desktop. The frames I was using before were cluttering things up.
07/21/02 : Oops, it's a day late, but "The Country Bears" has been added to movie reviews. Also, added the new In Flames CD "Reroute To Remain" to the music section. Also in the music section, I've completed the Iced Earth page.
07/17/02: Added "K-19: The Widowmaker" to movie section.
07/12/02: Added "Reign Of Fire" and "Crocodile Hunter" to movie section. Also (finally) added "Mr. Deeds"
Coming next Tuesday: "K-19: The Widowmaker" and "Country Bears"
07/03/02: Added "Men In Black II" to movie section the other day. Also, I went through the archive and streamlined the structure of the files to make loading faster and fixed all the little bugs and errors from the old pages when I was just getting a feel for the thing. Someone of the older review pages that aren't yet in archives may still have errors, but please don't email me on those....I'm just lazy. I'll update them as they are moved to archives.
06/20/02: Added "Juwanna Man" and "Minority Report" to movies section.
06/18/02: Papa Roach concert last night was fucking crazy. If you haven't heard of a "Braveheart" in terms of crowd moshing, you're missing out! Check out the 05/22 tour diary entry at for an idea!
Anyhow, I've uploaded the ENTIRE lyrics for the new Papa Roach CD, Lovehatetragedy, including the bonus trax.
06/16/02: Added the entire catalog of Papa Roach CDs into the music section in honor of the free concert they're playing in Sacramento tomorrow. I will be there, will you??
06/13/02: Uploaded "The Bourne Identity" and "Windtalkers" to the movie page. Also added lyrics to "Jonestown Tea" to Otep's "Sevas Tra" CD on the music page. These lyrics are NOT on Otep's web page. Until the CD comes out, right here is the only place to find em! (WARNING: "Jonestown Tea" lyrics are extremely explicit.)
06/10/02 : In the last couple of days I've uploaded a SHITLOAD of new cds to the music section, including 3 that aren't even released for 2 weeks; and two of those have full lyrics posted. Otep - Sevas Tra, Papa Roach - lovehatetragedy, and No Use For A Name - Hard Rock Bottom.
06/05/02 : Sorry it's been so long since I've added comments here...I've been adding so much to the site lately, every time I get finished, I'm so tired that I skip the news comments.
Anyhow, the Kings were eliminated, so the logos are gone, but I took pictures at game 7..those are coming soon. I have a new review up from "Bad Company", and "The Bourne Identity" is coming next week.
I've added about 10 different CDs to the Music page, so I can't even remember which ones they are. Just go check it out. I'm starting to add artist pages for artists with multiple CDs on there.
05/23/02 : Added "Insomnia" and "Enough" to movies section.
05/19/02 : I completely redid the Kings section and added pictures from the Kings' first Western Conference Finals game ever. Oh yeah, and I got both the owners of the team to sign my ticket stub :)
05/17/02 : Added a few new discs to the music section, and Star Wars Episode II to the movies section.
05/14/02 : The Sacramento Kings have beaten the Dallas Mavericks 4 games to 1 and are headed to the Western Conference Finals for the first time since 1981, and I was there! Not only was I there, but I have pictures for you! Check out the KINGS section for shots from the game.
05/13/02 : Added a few new discs to the movie section, and indexed the main page to make it easier to find discs, since I'm starting to collect a few more discs on the page. I will be taking my camera to game 5 of the Sacramento Kings' playoff series vs. the Dallas Mavericks, so keep your eyes peeled either Monday night or Tuesday morning for new pics.
05/08/02 : Added a new movie to the movie section, finally. It's been a long time, but the fuckers who schedule the movies just keep putting the screenings on the same nights as Kings games, and the Kings are going to win that fight every time. (Regardless of how many times they lose the basketball game). Anyway, I added "The New Guy" into the movies section, it has my longest review written yet.
05/03/02 : Added 2 new CDs to the music section, and I've begun indexing the lyrics section so that you can easily access the lyrics to your favorite song. Also made an (rather vulgar) update to the movie section.
04/21/02 : Today I dictated (PHEW LONG PROCESS) and uploaded complete lyrics to Nevermore's "Dead Heart In A Dead World" CD to the music page. Why is this so special? Because it includes all the bonus tracks and extras that Nevermore decided not to publish lyrics for!
04/20/02 : Uploaded pictures from tonight's KINGS playoff game, also added a bunch of items to the all new music section.
04/18/02 : I GOT A PLAYOFF TICKET! WOO! That's right, I'll be going to game 1 and I'll be on the lower level! I will try to take some pictures, but not many cause it sucks to be fumbling around with a camera. The playoffs are crazy.
Also, you may notice a new button on the left. There is a new section, the music section. I will have track listings, cover images, lyrics, and links for all my favorite CDs.
04/17/02 : Went to the final regular season Kings game last night. What an entertaining game. Since the game didn't matter to either team, there were plenty of high flying dunks and ally-oops. Plus since it was Fan Appreciation Night, they gave away tons of swag to the fans. Me? I won 2 lottery tickets :) Anyway, I got a ton of pictures. Go to the KINGS section to check em out.
Oh yeah, by the way... Since I went to the Kings/Dallas game the other night I skipped The Scorpion King.
04/13/02 : Watched the Kings get their asses whipped by Dallas tonight, but no matter. We clinched the best record in the west, so no one here really cares. :) I did take 63 pictures at the game and have uploaded 40 to this site for your pleasure. Click the KINGS button.


04/11/02 : I can't believe how close we came to losing that game against the Warriors last night! PHEW! Well, as cramped as it was at that arena in Oakland, I managed to take some pictures. Click on the KINGS button on the navigation bar on the left to see them. I have tickets to the game on Sunday the 14th and Tuesday the 16th as well, and plan on taking more pictures for both, so keep an eye out.
04/10/02 : Got some free tickets to the Kings game last night, so I didn't see "The Sweetest Thing". Hope you don't mind. The next review will be "The Scorpion King". Also, I'm going to a Kings away game tonight in Oakland, I will upload some pictures tomorrow.
04/08/02 : Added "Changing Lanes" today. Will be adding "The Sweetest Thing" tomorrow. Link will become active tomorrow night as soon as I post the review.
04/05/02 : Added "High Crimes" today and added "Big Trouble" the other day....I was too lazy to add an update here.
03/31/02 : Well here's another of my midnight updates. Seems to happen a lot when I have a few days off from work. Anyhow, I added "National Lampoon's Van Wilder" to the movie section. And I forked over $9.75 to see this one too so I swear to God, you better read my review!! Also, I added a gallery entry. Turns out a friend of mine who I knew in high school does an online comic strip and it's pretty good. There's an entry on the gallery page.
03/27/02 : Tonight I added "Death To Smoochy", and in order to save my lazy ass from having to get on here and update this page again tomorrow, I will tell you that "Panic Room" will be uploaded right after the screening tomorrow night. See you then!
03/22/02 : Added "Blade II" to movies section, and added another row of movies to the Secondary section, now there will be more movies on the page at one time; they will take longer to be removed from the site.
03/12/02 : Added "Resident Evil" to movies section. Also, I'm probably going to begin taking off the picture galleries (but not the reviews) of some of the older movies, and eventually, the "archived" movies will be review-only...if you want any pictures from those, get 'em now.
03/07/02 : Added "The Time Machine" to movies and also retructured the movie page so the damned text would stop wrapping around and looking all messed up.
03/05/02 : Added new movie "All About The Benjamins."
03/03/02 : Like the new logo up top? I did. Anyway, I added that and a gallery entry.
03/01/02 : Added new review of "We Were Soldiers" done by a friend of mine since I couldn't make it to the screening. The reason I couldn't make was I was at another screening..which was the early one I was referring to earlier that I didn't know what it would be. I suspected it could be either Star Wars Episode 2 or The Scorpion King, and it turned out to be "The Scorpion King". By seeing that film that early I agreed not to review it publicy, but I'll just say that I really liked it and I reccommend you see it when it comes out April 19th.
02/25/02 : Added a few movies the other day but was too lazy to update here, and added "40 Days & 40 Nights" to the movie section today. Also, keep your eyes posted as I am going to see something extra early in a few days. If it is what I think it may be, people will be paying me just to tell them about the movie.
02/13/02 : Added "Hart's War" and "John Q" to movies.
02/08/02 : Took me a little trip to a tiny show called the SACRAMENTO AUTORAMA tonight! If you're not from around here or don't know what it is and you like cars, you should check it out. It will still be running through this Sunday the 10th. Click here or the link above to see about 90 pictures I took at the show.
02/05/02 : Added "Collateral Damage" to movie database. Also, with a little free time I redesigned the movie section....I will be redesigning this page in the same format pretty soon.
01/28/02 : Added "Slackers" to the movie database. Wish I had more to tell you, but that's really all there is.
01/27/02 : Well I'm on vacation and that can only mean one thing: midnight updates. I'm going through the picture galleries and converting them to thumbnail format for easier browsing and saving bandwidth. Also tonight I had my redneck night out at the Monster Truck show. The mullets were out in full force, let me tell you. I've never heard so many "Yee-Haw"s during the national anthem.
01/23/02 : This update is really a waste of text. Just added one new link and a new movie, "The Count Of Monte Cristo". Check out the new style I'm using for displaying pictures to save bandwidth and make it easier for you the user. The only 2 areas making use of it so far are the Kings Photos and the gallery from "The Count Of Monte Cristo".
01/18/02 : First update of the new year! Well not really, Lately I've just been too lazy to add these comments. I've been adding a lot of other things in other places. (I finally got the Kings section up on the left) Anyway, I added 2 new movies today, "Snow Dogs" and "Black Hawk Down". Check out "Black Hawk Down", so far it's my favorite movie of the year...Oscars-a-plenty are comin' for that one!
12/31/01 : Added today another round of pictures from the Sacramento Kings game last night. This is the third time I've taken pictures there so I think I will soon just add a Kings section to this page...keep an eye out.
12/27/01 : LAUNCH DAY! If you're seeing this message you can see that the new site is up and running at least 99%. Some of the links may still be using old references so it may take a few days to fix them all, so be patient. (As if anyone cares anyway)
Update: As of 2:46am I've gone through the entire site page by page and as best as I could fixed every link, as well as rebuilt some of the galleries to make them easier on the eyes. If you find any link pointing to the old site or just any link behaving strangely, please please email me immediately so that I can fix it.
12/23/01 : Well I finally broke down and went for the gold. In a day or 3 (with the holiday coming up I don't know for sure), this site will be moving to it's own domain, and I will finally break free from the chains of the webhosting slave trader that is Geocities! The new address for this site will be
12/20/01 : Uploaded 2 new movies today, Ali and How High. I haven't uploaded "A Beautiful Mind" yet, but it should be up here by tomorrow morning at latest. Also, I have removed pictures from Rock Star & Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.
12/16/01 : Started a new overhaul of the site beginning with the top logo and menu buttons. The rest of the site will soon be transformed to look like these. Also while I was at it I added a few things'll have to look for them to find them.
12/13/01 : Don't you think this is going to happen often, but I made a ton of updates today. I added two new movies, "Not Another Teen Movie" and "Vanilla Sky" as well as uploading new pictures and adding things to the movies that were also up. Also I added an item to the Gallery, and uploaded a bunch of pictures from a particularly funny scene from WWF Smackdown last night. Click here for the WWF pictures. By the way, if you want to see the pictures from "Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back" or "Rock Star", I suggest you get them now, because they will be deleted from the server on Monday. Would you like anything else? Huh?
12/05/01 : OK, so I lied. I felt like taking some pictures at the Sacramento Kings game, so I decided to put them up. They only total about 1 meg, so I figured it should only take a few hours to upload on my dialup. Anyway, click here to see the shots.
12/03/01 : Since Excite@home has filed for bankruptcy and AT&T Broadband has severed my internet connection for approx 10 days, don't look for any updates. I swear to God, AT&T Broadband is the WORST company on the face of the Earth. Worst, seriously. Try calling their "Customer Service" line sometime and see how much actual service you get....i swear, they act like theyre at home eating dinner and you're bothering them or something....nevermind it being their damned job to help you. I'll stop ranting now I promise.......
11/27/01 : Added review and pics for "Behind Enemy Lines". EXCELLENT movie. Highly recommended.
11/22/01 : Happy Turkey Day! I put up a new movie today, "Spy Game". Excellent movie. Also I got a bunch of pics from the No Use For A Name concert in Bakersfield, CA at Jerry's Pizza.
11/02/01 : Fixed a few broken links and added review and still shots for "The One".
10/29/01 : Made a few updates today... Took Bubble Boy out of movie reviews (did anyone else actually see that?) and added "The Deep End" and "Hearts In Atlantis". I think I need a new logo up top here, don't you?
10/28/01 : Geocities is the worst web hosting company in existence, I swear. Damned bandwidth limitations...just the traffic from me viewing the site a few times while I was making updates to test them was enough to go over the limit. Looks like I may have to fork over the dough to just finally get a domain.
10/27/01 : Well it looks like I've been lazy. Everything is out of date now... So I made a ton of small updates today, new gallery things, new movies posted, and finally launched the links section (as small as it is at least it's now up)
08/23/01 : Just to let anyone know who may be looking at this for some reason, I have moved locations and I have not yet gotten my internet connection set up, so I cannot make any large updates (other than text) to this page until it's set up..
08/23/01 : Added review, report, and many HQ pics from the WWF Event at Arco Arena on 08/20, and one item to gallery.
08/19/01 : Added the full review for Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Also upped a bunch of still shots from the movie. Go check out my review to see them.
08/18/01 : Fuck. I just needed to curse publicly for a second. Needed to release some stress. Need something to beat on.... I have decided that since I've been getting a lot of movie premiere passes and seeing just an insane number of free movies, I will start a movie review section on here....since I see movies before most people, I will post reviews on the page for you all to see before you see the movie. I replaced the eBAY section with it.
08/17/01 : Again it's about 12:30am...maybe I have an Insomnia issue...anyway...added some more pictures, ticket stubs and shit from different things that I've been to, maybe I'll add some other stuff before I pass out.....
08/03/01 : Well it's like 12:30am so it's just barely August 3rd...anyway, I have deleted all the old files...theyre gone! I enabled the Gallery button, if you wanna look at some random pictures, click the Gallery button on the left...there are only a few things on there right now, but check back later, I promise that will be the most updated part of this site...if I'm out with my digital camera I may just snap pictures of things (and people) and put them up here for your enjoyment!
07/31/01 : Welp welcome to my site. I'm tired of the bullshit typical site stuff. It takes too damned long to maintain and no one really I'm just going to fill this site up from now on with pictures and stories of shit...I took the Lara section off the's of no use to anyone, and no one really wants to see it anyways.